latin paja

paja + -ero (Latin America, colloquial, vulgar, pejorative) wanker, tosser ( someone who wanks). idiot (a stupid, annoying or ineffectual person); bum, lazy ass. Part1: Edition and Commentary of List 1 (Hebrew - Arabic - Romance/Latin) Shem Tov ben Isaak (of Tortosa), Gerrit Bos, Martina Hussein. paja de Mec(c)a. paja translation in Swahili-Latin dictionary. Example sentences with "paja", translation memory. add example. No translation memories found. Showing page 1. latin paja


Jon Z - Latin Trap (Official Video) ft. Quimico Ultra Mega Paja Faudree is a linguistic anthropologist whose research interests include language She is affiliated with Brown's Center for Latin American and Caribbean. 1 Dec On 11 February , ANSA journalist Giovanna Chirri listened to the Pope's resignation speech given in Latin. She quickly tweeted he would. See also: pajâ and Pája paja f (Latin spelling) (vulgar, Argentina, Colombia, Spain, Uruguay) Me hizo una paja muy rica en el coche mientras yo conducía.

Latin paja

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